UCLA MEMES Workshop 5/23/13

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

Media & Entertainment Leaders Share Their Big (Data) Ideas http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/centers/memes

Colleen Quinn, Global Program Director – Teradata

Pravin Chandiramani, SVP of Business Development SIMULMEDIA

Dave Botkin, Vice President Business Intelligence – Disney InteractiveMedia

Marc Karzen, CEO – RelishMIX

Kyle Kim-Hays, VP Warner Bros.

Rashmi Nigam, Director of Product Management for Data Warehouse – Machinima


A MEMES Insight Workshop in Collaboration with
Teradata Corporation

The Battle for the Living Room is over. But, the War for the Consumer rages on. As content creators and distributors navigate the sea changes in the content distribution landscape, understanding and exploiting the critical role of analytics is imperative. New data-driven capabilities give companies across the content value chain tools to unlock insights about their audiences, boost their businesses, and anticipate the dynamic industry changes that are still-to-come. 

Digital Hollywood Spring 2013 – Advertising Innovation Panel 5/2/13

Advertising Innovation! Branded Advertising, Personalization and Hypertargeting, From Video Ads to Social Networks

Advertising is finally discovering and finding its way into the next generation of technology media and entertainment industries. Broadband, mobile, IPTV, cable and interactive TV and of course in games, ads and branded information are being delivered in many forms. The technologies behind ad-insertion, ad serving, on-demand technologies and a full host of back-end management technologies are enabling greater creativity and enhanced options in the relationship between technology and advertising. In this session, we will open an ongoing conversation of how technologies are evolving, where they are heading and how the advertising and branding industries will gain further technology traction.
Sharon Peyer, Co-founder and VP of Business Development, HitBliss
Behnam Karbassi, Founder / President / CEO, No Mimes Media
Ben Duhl, Vice President, The IdeaLists
Marc Gordonson, Director of Sales, Social Reactor
Will Campbell, CEO and Founder, Quantasy
Rachel Romero, Director of Audience Development, Machinima, Inc.
Adam Weinroth, Chief Marketing Officer, OneSpot
Marc Karzen, CEO, Relish, Moderator