The Emmys Go Social: Good But They’re NOT The MTV Video Music Awards

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The Emmys Go Social: Good But They’re NOT The MTV Video Music Awards

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Sometimes, these contests just aren’t fair. The good old Emmys, the TV Academy and this year’s host network, NBC, all lined up the most fiercest lineup ever they imagined of social-media goodness for Monday night’s broadcast of TVs top awards. And as far as social-media impact goes, they did pretty well, according to Nielsen’s Twitter TV ratings, with the total unique audience up 6 percent from last year, when CBS hosted edition 65 on a September Sunday.

But those numbers were nothing compared to Sunday night’s Music Video Awards on basic-cabler MTV, which doesn’t even run music videos anymore (they largely leave that to YouTube). The VMAs shook off Emmy’s competition like a poorly glued rhinestone on a dancer’s jiggling rump during one of the VMAs’ many music interludes. The results weren’t even close. Here are the relevant big numbers:

Unique Audience Reached’14 Emmys – 8.8 million people ...’13 Emmys – 8.3 million … VMAs – 10.9 million

Total tweets about the show ’14 Emmys – 1.1 million … ‘13 Emmys – 925,000 …. VMAs – 12.6 million

The No. 1 clip was that very amusing Bryan Cranston kiss/mild mauling he administered when Julia Louis-Dreyfus came up to collect her Comedy Best Actress statue. The bit tied back to a funny interaction the two did while onstage earlier as presenters (based on their shared time onscreen two decades ago on Seinfeld). It was easily one of the best bits of what was a pretty good show all around. Here’s just one version of that video (this one already has 290,000 views on YouTube)

The No. 3 fan-posted video, in a bit of a surprise, was the acceptance speech fromAnna Gunn, Cranston’s Breaking Bad co-star. Sandwiched in between, no surprise at all, was the emotionally wrenching and deeply touching remembrance of Robin Williams by his long-time friend and fellow comic Billy Crystal.

“The Julia-Bryan kiss was the No.1 viral gift of this year’s Emmys for fan postings on YouTube. A creative shot that worked perfectly,” said RelishMix CEO Marc Karzen. “This was followed by Billy Crystal’s very touching tribute to Robin Williams, which will continue to be shared with re-posts and views over the week.”

RelishMix also broke out which nominated shows saw the biggest jump in likes for their Facebook page, for the month ahead of the Emmys. Social-media powerhouse Game of Thrones added 239,000 followers to bring its Facebook presence to 13.4 million likes, an impressive number (though far behind that 100-million-strong following for Shakira, speaking of epic rump shakers in the music business).

But guess which show was second in Facebook “lift” the past month? Yep, Breaking Bad, which jumped 191,000 likes to 10.2 million in the past month. Not bad for a show that went off the air a year ago. But as Karzen points out, the rising numbers present “a clear road map” for Netflix and other syndicators as they market the show’s old episodes for years to come.

Karzen was also rather forgiving of the TV Academy and NBC on their second-place finish for the week’s awards shows.

“It’s hard to compete with #VMA2014 from Sunday with an audience that won’t put down their devices and a show that’s packed with #omg moments,” said Karzen. “But the 360(-degree) experience continues to build for all live events and scripted programs are taking more and more risks to keep feeding their fans.”


Movie Tracking In The Toilet: Fix Or Flush?

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Movie marketing tracking is in the toilet. I know it’s been hit and miss for years, but now, it’s pretty much all bad. Over the last few months, I have been looking at it all — just as all the studios in town do — and the inaccuracy has been truly appalling. Last weekend, this weekend. Multiple weekends in a row. Who provides analysis? NRGBox Office Analyst, and MarketCast, mainly.

Let’s just look at the past two weekends: TWC’s YA adaptation, The Giver was predicted at $20M and ended up at $12M last weekend while Millennium/Lionsgate’sThe Expendables 3 was tracking anywhere from $20M to $25M and came in at $15.8M.

This weekend was just as bad. If I Staywas tracking in the low 20’s and will come in at $16.3M; Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was tracking at anywhere between $16M to $19M and came in at $6.4M. When the Game Stands Tall was tracking between $10M and $11M and came in at $8.7M. Tracking companies are driving the studios into a hell of their own making.

The rise of social media to reach this generation was outlined before by this site. It’s also why Deadline is looking at marketing’s new Big Three  — Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — via consulting companies such as RelishMix. Their deep data analysis on social sharing around a film or TV property can inject more information into the mix. Some tracking companies also look at Wikipedia views to determine interest.

Facebook_Youtube_TwitterRising smart phone use has also changed viewing habits, said another distributor, adding that the tracking companies haven’t adapted to the implications of mobile media consumption and conversations. There’s another problem here too, as we get stuck in a self-perpetuating loop of inaccurate information, as the media repeatedly quote bad tracking numbers and then make predictions that end up way off too. Believe me, I would rather not try to predict box office based on numbers that are in the ether. I find it absolutely ridiculous all the way around, including this horse-race box office reporting that has become standard.

Box Office Late Nights: ‘If I Stay’ A Strong $1.1M; ‘Sin City’ And ‘Game Stands Tall’ Underwhelms

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.08.19 AMIn terms of social media presence, If I Stay has a 10 to 1 lead over Sin City on hashtag activity over the past two days, both of which had premieres. If I Stay also leads Sin City with Facebook engagements 4 to 1; Moretz has 1.2M Twitter followers responding to her every tweet. Sin City‘s YouTube momentum, which translates to sales, doubled on Wednesday, leading the three newcomers into the weekend over If I Stay and When the Game Stands Tall.


However, according to RelishMix, holdover Guardians of the Galaxy has still been leading daily activity across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all three newcomers. Interesting thatGuardians has been trumping Turtles in mid-week numbers this week. Meanwhile, Sin City‘s social all-star cast is very clearly led by an on-tour Lady Gaga’s 67M Facebook and 41M Twitter followers, proceeded by a super social savvy Jessica Alba who’s 7.5M Twitter followers are connected and engaging, says Marc Karzen, CEO of RelishMix, which tracks the big three — FB, Twitter and You Tube. The total reach for all Sin City cast and the movie adds up to 135M across Facebook and Twitter.

Box Office Final: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ $65.5M, ‘Guardians’ $42.1M


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ended up the three-day weekend with $65.5M, buoyed by the brand recognition from those 25- to 35-year-olds who grew up on them and powered by a very well-executed marketing campaign (which included a national cross-promotion with Pizza Hut). The Michael Bay production charged into the weekend box office on Thursday and just didn’t stop.

In terms of the social media universe, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleswere neck-and-neck until Wednesday, whenTurtles surged into the lead. They clocked 77M combined YouTube views, and the Twitter hashtag battle also flipped and is growing with 6,000 more than Guardians, according to RelishMix which measures the Big Three (nope, not the TV networks) but YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Most impressive is that the official trailer for TMNT has 34.8M views alone. Giving Vin Diesel’s 83M FB a run for it,TMNT star Megan Fox is a big social presence for the movie, promoting it to her 52M FB fans. She’s getting about 150,000 likes per post while a car selfie on Tuesday had over 2M likes and 15K shares. One behind-the-scenes photo she took in New York has more than 149,000 likes and 1,220 shares. The film shot in New York — over 70 days.


Universal: ‘Fifty Shades’ Trailer Scores Historic 100M Views In First Week

Some of that staggering online success is more easily quantifiable than others, given the nearly 33 million YouTube views logged in a week from Universal’s two official uploads alone. “Fifty Shades Of Grey trailers are pulling monumental views” from two separate uploads this week, said RelishMix CEO Marc Karzen. The trailer on Universal’s YouTube channel attracted more than 13 million views, and its UK sibling did even better, with 19.3 million. “Add to that ripped and reposted versions on movie fan channels. It’s unprecedented for a film that’s six months out.”

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Box Office Late Nights: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Highest Of 2014 With $11.2M; ‘Get On Up’ $371K

hr_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_46“It’s an encouraging start with what looks like will be a great day ahead of us and an exciting run,” said Dave Hollis, exec VP distribution for the Walt Disney Studios. I’d say. And the social media metrics for Guardians are also out of this world.

10525974_10152685413143313_8077211896195814551_nGuardians is tracking across the social media universe with a total engagement of 14M over the last week, with the No. 1 superhero Vin Diesel’s 82M+ Facebook fans pounding his self-posted stills over the weekend and one post — an I Am Groot post — in excess of 1.4M likes in one case.

“That’s stellar,” said Marc Karzen, CEO of RelishMix which tracks social engagement over the new Big Three networks of Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Facebook total reach with all of its stars combined posting and promoting reached 108M hits. WWE star Dave Bautista 5.7M+ fans are adding 11K fans a day … yes, a day. And Bautista changed his cover photo to that of him in character as his character Drax.

And Jimmy Kimmel Live posted the world premiere trailer which has banked over 17M views and 20K comments, adding to a total view count of 58M.