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At the first commercial break of the first airing of the first episode of his new TV show, Scorpion actor Robert Patrick was bent over, scowling at his smartphone, grumbling with some exasperation, “I can’t keep up! I have all this stuff and I can’t keep up.”

Indeed, Patrick was surrounded by plenty of stuff, including a batch of tablets and a couple of’ laptops, as well as plenty of his Scorpion colleagues at the Microsoft Lounge in Venice. And there was plenty of stuff going on.


“The momentum from a live tweet has a crazy social domino effect and the buzz builds,” says Marc Karzen, CEO of RelishMix, the social-media consulting firm advising Scorpion. “The conversation in the room from live tweets take on a bigger dimension with writers posting lines and actors challenging fans.”

That said, it’s still difficult to make an absolute connection between more audience engagement through social media and higher ratings. But Karzen and others says the live tweet sessions clearly are helping shows, especially when actors start posting not just text but also images and even behind-the-scenes videos.

“Actors posts can be so much more playful and engaging than the network’s tone and that’s ok. That’s a big part of how Live Tweets are changing,” Karzen said. “Fans go wild when they feel that an actor is not only watching with them, but dropping stories from behind the scenes. When your fave actor re-tweets or favorites your post, OMG, you’re now a part of the show.”


Reckless Live Tweets All Season

Each Sunday night this summer,Sander/Moses Productions gathered its team from Reckless, which was set and shot last spring in South Carolina, for a live-tweeting session in a conference room on the CBS Radford lot in Studio City.

By mid-season in August, the conference room was stuffed with people noshing on chips and Chex mix and swilling soft drinks, alternately creepily quiet as everyone focused on their screens big and small or filled with applause or laughter at specific plot points and the show’s end.


Did those Sunday sessions make a difference for Reckless ratings? Of the 13 new summer shows, it was the only one to see its ratings rise each week from its debut, says showrunner Ian Sander. The only hiccup came when a rain-delayed major golf tournament pre-empted the show one weekend, much to the noisy frustration of some of the show’s followers.




Box Office Late Nights: ‘The Equalizer’ $1.45M On Way To Nice Weekend For Sony

Sony and Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer opened on 2,693 runs last night starting at 7 PM and took in about $1.45M. The best comp for this one is probably 2 Guns, which grossed about $1.27M at 8 PM screenings and ended up at $27M for the weekend.

In terms of social media, The Equalizer‘s rate of fans re-posting trailers and clips is impressive at 15-to-1 which shows us a very strong indication of intent, says RelishMix which tracks social engagement among the Big Three — Twitter, FB and YouTube. Equalizer‘s YouTube views are at 15.6 million, all ticking up, day-by-day.The Boxtrolls is tracking lighter especially on YouTube as expected for a family film.

In addition, Equalizer co-star Chloe Grace Moretz’s rotation across the talk circuit is fueling her 1.2 million Twitter followers every few hours. There’s also another million fans across scores of fans pages for Moretz that are supporting her and Denzel Washington as well.

But, it’s Eminem whose song collaboration with Sia is debuting on the soundtrack of The Equalizer which has created the greatest reach. The Detroit rapper has the second greatest social footprint (behind Shakira) of all musicians on FB with 94 million likes and an additional 18.7 million on Twitter and his team is pushing it out. Waiting on Boxtrolls …


‘Maze Runner’ Off To Good Start With $1.1M, ‘Tombstones’ Takes In $480K

1ab2ae10-eab3-11e3-a5d4-b11ba6c23b2b_maze-runner-MazeRunner_VerA_Poster-2_rgbFox’s The Maze Runner grabbed $1.1M in late-night showings at 2,200 locations starting at 10 PM. The best comparison is probably the sci-fi actioner Ender’s Game, which launched with $1.4 million in November 2013 and went on to have an opening weekend gross of $27M (on the other hand, it cost three times more than Maze Runner). So, perhaps Fox is more on the money with a lower estimate for this weekend.

In terms of social media, the strong YA base across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for Maze Runner has won hands down. No surprise there, but to give a snapshot: its YouTube trailer has exceeded 19M views, which shows strong intent and is 3x’s that of the other two newcomers, Walk Among The Tombstones and the adult comedy This is Where I Leave You.

Showing the strength of the YA demo, RelishMix reports that both #MazeRunner and #TheMazeRunner combined hashtags are rising about 10,000 a day and growing over the week with an Instagram cross promotion with MTV, IGN, Teen Vogue and with Pretty Little Liars.

The Maze Runner’s star, Dylan O’Brien, is the lead of MTV’s Teen Wolf.  MTV’s reach alone on social media is key for this type of film as its key demographic are ages 12 to 24. MTV can boast more than 60 channels and reaches about 700 million households around the globe (and through syndication). That’s why political candidates always want their MTV.

O’Brien’s also the social media star of this weekend’s openers with 2 million Twitter followers who re-tweet more than 18,000 times per post over Jason Bateman (This is Where I Leave You) with 1.4 million Twitter followers. On Facebook, franchise-boundThe Maze Runner’s official FaceBook page just topped 900,000 this morning with PTAT — a Facebook metric that’s an acronym for People Talking About This and refers to how many people have liked, commented and shared a page — growing by 30% in the past few days.


As Above, So Below / Box Office FINAL: ‘Guardians’ No. 1 With $281M Cume

Social movie momentum rolling into this Labor Day weekend has daily activity across the Big 3 (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) for Turtles climbing back to lead over small-budget horror newcomer As Above, So Below,which has nailed in 33M views on YouTube, far exceeding The November Man with 4.3 million views, according to RelishMix, which tracks social engagement.

But the real social news, RelishMix says, is about Legendary Pictures’ As Above, So Below partnering with YouTube superstar Felix Kjellberg, aka PieDiePie, the Swedish video game vlogger who’s subscriber count just surpassed 30M — the No. 1 channel on the entire platform. PewDiePie and his YouTube girlfriend CutiePieMarzia ventured into the Catacombs to take his fans through areal journey into the Paris underworld in a series of teaser and challenge videos. Combined views for the PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia campaign alone are over 19M. Impressive. The official Legendary As Above, So Below trailer has unearthed 9.7M views.
In addition, the Twitter hashtag #AsAboveSoBelow leads #TheNovemberMan by 3-to-1, while Facebook pages likes and the red mini-poster campaign are climbing for As Aboveby 4-to1 over November Man.