‘Ouija’ Box Office Starts With $911K, ‘John Wick’ $870K – B.O. Late Nights

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‘Ouija’ Box Office Starts With $911K, ‘John Wick’ $870K – B.O. Late Nights


Ouija opened last night at 8 PM in 2,061 houses and scared in $911K to start its weekend off in what is expected to be a spirited opening for the micro-budgeted Blumhouse horror film. It is expected to best the other newcomer, the Lionsgate actioner John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves, which pulled $870K in over 2000 locales. A couple of comps to look at for this violent, R-rated film is last year’s Escape Plan (also R-rated and also opened in October), which ended up pulling in $258K for a $9M opening, and then the PG-13 rated Red 2 which bowed this summer to $825K for an $18M opening weekend. Others are looking at November Man which opened in August on a Wednesday grossing $862K and opened to $7.9M, but that had a very different demographic makeup — it skewed much, much older with both males and females.

Universal, who is distributing the Ouija spookfest, is also charging across the social media universe of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter over John Wick, which is not surprising give the demo. Its You Tube views are a haunting 20 million with another 4 million views on Facebook and yet another 1.1 million Facebook page likes.

Another cool metric from RelishMix is that Bill Murray’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s classic “Shelter From The Storm” just hit 1 million views to help spread the word about St. Vincent‘s weekend expansion for The Weinstein Co. This heart-tugging pic from director Ted Melfi is rolling out wide this weekend into 2,282 runs after platforming to build word-of-mouth. I expect a high CinemaScore from this well-made film.

The video, which has Murray’s character sitting in a lawn chair donning headphones and singing, is oddly mesmerizing and kept audiences in their seats throughout the ending credits.


‘Fury’ Box Office Opens To Strong $1.2M; ‘Book Of Life’ To $300K – Late Nights; Friday Matinees Tumble In


The war picture, which screened in D.C. this weekend for World War II veterans, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and VP Joe Biden, is also winning in social media metrics with over 15M YouTube views and a 41M combined engagement over the Big Three social media universe (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). The Book Of Life trails at $5.8M YouTube views or 34.1M combined while The Best Of Me with 4.3M YouTube views and only 5.2M combined engagement. So, to break it down further, the earned/owned ratio of reposting Fury, according to RelishMix, is an impressive 14 to 1 over Book Of Life at 7 to 1 and Best Of Me at only 4 to 1.

Gone Girl is still pulling in decent mid-week numbers and still seems to have some interest out there (although moviegoers are complaining about the end of the film).Fury overtook it on Wednesday of this week on social. The other Fox pic in the marketplace, the animated The Book Of Life, which skews heavily Hispanic, uses the voices of Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana, and Channing Tatum and also has wonderful reviews. This one has 74% on Rotten Tomatoes heading into the weekend. The social juggernaut for this film, according to RelishMix which tracks this kind of thing, is Tatum, with 16.3M Facebook and 6.5M Twitter followers which helps promote the film.


Jimmy Fallon Grabs YouTube Late-Night Crown From Jimmy Kimmel


EXCLUSIVE: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has grabbed the top spot on YouTube among late-night shows, edging past previous online-video king Jimmy Kimmel Live! just eight months after Fallon’s team rebranded his channel for his new show in February.

The very fast rise by Fallon isn’t a surprise to close watchers of this particular race. Marc Karzen, CEO of social-media consultants RelishMix, said, “We could see from day 1 from the switch over from Leno to Fallon that there was a plan to build a functional social network for Fallon.”



And it’s only continued from there, including in the way the show itself is structured and what it markets, Karzen said.

“The Fallon show format is very social centric, with bite-size segments designed to stand alone and you can see that writers are working with that in mind,” Karzen said. “Then you look at Fallon bumpers in the show, every night, that push viewers to subscribe to YouTube, Like on Facebook, live tweet (on Twitter) and more.
Karzen said his company’s analysis of the trend lines for Kimmel and Fallon suggests that Fallon will pass 5 million subscribers within 30 days. Since Fallon joined The Tonight Show, Kimmel has added 1.8 million subscribers while Fallon has added 2.7 million, 50 percent more, to the total he had while hosting the Late Night show slot now occupied by Seth Meyers.
RelishMIXdec10Gone Girl’s SMU engagement and buzz continues to build over the week, driven most heavily on Facebook by Tyler Perry and Ben Affleck. Annabelle top trailer are holding very strong with over 220k views per day in week 2.
Of the 4 new entries, Dracula Untold has clearly clocked the most YT views at 25 million factored into the (SMU) social media universe of 36.2 million engagement across all Facebook and Twitter feeds.
Dracula also tops earned/owned ratio of 14 to 1 repost on YouTube videos beating Alexander with 12 to 1 with 14 million views followed by The Judge at 8 to 1 with 4.9 million views and Addicted at 6 to 1 and 4.8 million views. Dracula also takes the win with international views as expected.
Notably, there’s a very hot Spanish version spot for Alexander that’s consistently clocking over 310k views per day which is very high for a family film.
As far as the social stars this week, Robbert Downey Jr is his own social marketing network for The Judge, flexing his FB muscle of 21 million fans and 2.7 million on TW every step of the way of his promo tour.


‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Annabelle’ Charge To Weekend Box-Office Photo Finish



The dead-heat sprint to the weekend finish by Gone Girl and Annabelle did more than give a much-needed box-office boost after weeks of anemic results; it saw a role reversal of sorts for R-rated films. Gone Girlshowed surprising social-media muscle for an adult drama, while Annabelle exerted unusual grip over its audiences for a horror flick.

How they got there, seemingly no one (traditional analysts) saw coming (NOTE: RelishMIX was correct). Both made hugely successful pushes on social media, with Annabelle dominating on YouTube. Gone Girl, perhaps more surprisingly, ruled on Facebook and Twitter, though both platforms have a broader, and therefore significantly older, demographic more closely aligned with the film’s sensibilities.

RelishMix, which tracks film and TV properties on social media, counted 16.2 million YouTube views for Annabelle’s trailers and promotional videos, not an uncommon volume for a horror picture, given the genre’s sturdy fan base. But Gone Girl, a bestseller adaptation, mustered a respectable 9.2 million YouTube views, along with 30.1 million Facebook and 18.7 million Twitter hits. Annabelle conjured 2.4 million posts, 2.8 million Tweets. Neither film earned overwhelming audience endorsements, earning “B” CinemaScores. Yet both debuts’ final results dwarfed tracking estimates, which put the movies in the mid-20’s.

FULL STORY:  http://deadline.com/2014/10/gone-girl-annabelle-left-behind-box-office-844782/