‘Hunger Games’ Devours $17M To Open Arctic Box Office Weekend

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‘Hunger Games’ Devours $17M To Open Arctic Box Office Weekend

The eastern seaboard’s deep freeze couldn’t keep away those Hunger Gamesfanatics determined to pay $17M in tribute to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, which began its pummeling of the box office competition Thursday night — though with less severity than its predecessors.



Without a doubt, Mockingjay fans are hungry and Lionsgate are feeding them, but what’s really working for this series is the huge volume of social feeds from earlier installments that continue to driving engagement. RelishMIX is tracking over 1,200 different social feeds for Hunger Games alone (average is 750 feeds)

In what appears to be a perfect storm, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 has become the most social movie franchise EVER with engagement of 602M across the SMU (YT views, FB likes+views, TW followers+tags combined).  That includes an exceptional EOR (earned, owned ratio) of ripped and reposted video at 26 to 1. Views for official videos are over 171M with an additional 33M FB video views. But when you look at all of the continuous views over 2 1/2 years from the 2 previous installments which keep giving, YouTube views have past 425M.
Of all franchises over the last 3 years, Fast 7 is throttling at No. 2 and The Avengers is at No. 3.
The official Hunger FB has grown 86% over a year to 21M  https://www.facebook.com/TheHungerGamesMovie  towering over the Official TW at 1.3M https://twitter.com/TheHungerGames. Jennifer Lawrence’s official FB has grown 270% in the year from 3M to 11.1M and Liam Hemsworth from 1.8M up 214% to 5.6M (actors take note). https://www.facebook.com/JenniferLawrence
Josh Hutcherson’s reach is at 7.6M FB and 2.7M TW https://www.facebook.com/JoshHutchersonFans https://twitter.com/jhutch1992
#Mockingjay hashtags have nearly doubled in the last 24 hours to 30k. Dust off your snow shoes 🙂

‘Dumb & Dumber To’ Box Office Gets Leg Up On Weekend With Thursday Previews

Universal Pictures and Red Granite’s Dumb And Dumber To was no has-been Thursday night, drawing $1.6 million at evening shows in  2,321 theaters. Showtimes for the Jim CarreyJeff Daniels gross-out sequel kicked off at 8 PM. Industry estimates peg that DDT  will think up a weekend haul of $30M-$32M thanks to the film’s cult fans, who are now going gray. The theater count for DDT moves to 3,153 today.

On social media, according to RelishMix, Interstellar and Big Hero 6 have been outstripping DDT by 5 to 1. Nonetheless, across all social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook), DDT has laughed up 72.7M folks for the week. The other weekend’s wide opener Beyond The Lights trails with 4.7M. Furthermore, Carrey is no slouch on Twitter with 13.1M followers and a peg as one of the top 10 social stars (Daniels has 260K Twitter followers, while co-star Rob Riggle has 1.5M). YouTube video views for DDT clocked 41M, adding 15M more on Facebook over the last six weeks on the film’s FB page. DDT also goosed 4.1M more YouTube views with a social music video on the website’s Smosh channel.


FULL STORY: https://deadline.com/2014/11/dumb-dumber-to-thursday-preview-box-office-1201284305/

In addition, RelishMix gives props to Universal for putting the DDT trailer out viaThe Tonight Show YouTube channel, which registered 25M views.

Carrey screamed out the following this morning on Twitter:


LA Times: Fickle social media can boost, or trip up, Oscar hopefuls in an instant

hero460_oscars_event_mainThe Oscars are about more than prestige and self-congratulation. An Academy Award nomination can often translate into a significant bump in a film’s grosses, particularly for the type of adult-oriented fare that can otherwise face long box-office odds. 2012’s “Silver Linings Playbook” earned an additional $71 million after it received a best picture nod, though post-nomination bumps are generally smaller.

Given those stakes, to the extent they can, Oscar strategists, like studio marketers, need to use tools like Facebook and Twitter proactively, said Marc Karzen, chief executive of RelishMIX, a company that consults on social media strategy for movies and TV shows.

“If things are going well at festivals or otherwise, you want to fan the flames and build the momentum as much as you possibly can,” Karzen said. Once the buzz around a film sours, he noted, options become far more limited. “It’s not like you’re going to go back and recut the movie.”

Ultimately, of course, when it comes to the Oscars, the only opinions that truly matter belong to the 6,000 or so voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Big Hero 6 Wins B.O. As ‘Interstellar’ Takes Second

big-hero-6-posterEarly results are starting to come in from matinees today and it appears that Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Paramount’s Interstellar could be neck in neck tonight but the odds-on favorite to win the weekend right now is Big Hero with an estimated gross of around $60M compared to Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film’s $51M to $53M. That’s the early read right now, given the matinees. Friday grosses for Big Hero will include the $1.4M the animated film got last night in late shows (which shows a strong interest from adult audiences) and Paramount will count in the $2.7M Interstellar pulled in last night (with IMAX grosses tallied in). So we expect high teens (maybe around $16M+) tonight for Big Hero with Interstellar edging in a slight lead by tonight ($17.5M to $19M). However, with a big bump from family audiences on Saturday and Sunday, watch for Big Hero 6 to catapult over the space crew. More grosses will be coming in tonight.

In terms of social media, the fight online couldn’t be closer between the two openers, according to RelishMix which tracks engagement on the Big Three — YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Through yesterday, YouTube video views for Big Hero 6 were at 39M just a little over Interstellar at 37M, but the interesting thing is that theInterstellar videos are being reposted at an exceptional EOR (earned, owned ratio) of 26 to 1 with its animated competitor at 16 to 1 ratio. Since the latter is a family film, you have to take into account that it would have less re-posting but the younger demos tend to watch the videos repeatedly.

Interstellar has been on a long burn social fuse for three weeks and spiking with along the way,” said RelishMix’s Marc Karzen. “Facebook buzz for it just popped from the Wednesday night sneak peeks at 293% over Big Hero at 28%.”

Who has the social star power? Interstellar‘s Mathew McConaughey with 3.8M Facebook and 1.1M Twitter followers (added to mix with Jessica Chastain, Christopher Nolan and superfan pages for Anne Hathaway). Also not surprising is that the sci-fi flick has had consistent hashtag activity over the week, but Big Hero 6got a big jolt to 11K after the premiere and a nice pick me up also from the musical group Fall Out Boy (9.1M Facebook and 1.1M Twitter followers) who are promoting the soundtrack.