Ant-Man’ Has Bragging Rights At The B.O. Over Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixels’

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Ant-Man’ Has Bragging Rights At The B.O. Over Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixels’

On social media, RelishMix reports that the Sandler film’s YouTube activity is the strongest for its owned videos at 46M. The comedic actor has an active Facebook page with 52M and he’s been hitting it, posting trailers and clips. Pixels actress Ashley Benson has 3.7M Twitter fans — beating Kevin James (282K) and Josh Gad (139K) —  and she’s been retweeting their praise of the film. Meanwhile, the Pixels FB page counts 442K fans who are connecting with an impressive 60 native video posts.

The film is hitting various points on social. While the film’s YouTube views are moderate per RelishMix at 35M driven by movie fan channels with FB reach at 132M, it’s getting some extra boost from musical artists Eminem and 50. 50 Cent, who plays Jordan Mains in the film, counts 38M FB likes, 7.7M on Twitter and 5.5M on Instagram. Including Eminem on the Southpaw soundtrack hooks 92M on FB (where he’s the second musician on FB only to Shakira at 101M), 19.6M on Twitter and 4.8M on Instagram. Due to Eminem’s pull on Facebook, trailer views were clocking 500K in a 12 hour period on Thursday. BTS clips and social stills in heavy rotation and a sneak peek video from March with 8M views. Gyllenhaal counts 1.4M on FB.




Ant-Man’ Smaller Than ‘Thor’ & ‘Captain America’; ‘Trainwreck’ Second High For Judd Apatow

Relish Mix points out that on social media, Marvel and Disney flooded the web with over 30 Ant-Man trailers and clips, but fans haven’t been reposting at Furious 7 rates. The 10 to 1 video repost rate is moderate per the social media tracking firm. Ant-Man‘s social media universe counts 106M comprised of 92M YouTube view activity, 8.1M Facebook video views and 5.4M Twitter reach. The film’s FB counts 528K likes. Among the stars, Rudd doesn’t have a presence on social media. The guys with the biggest footprint are much older: Michael Douglas counts 1.4M Facebook fans, while Stan Lee has 4.7M.  #AntMan Twitter hashtags popped last week during the London Premiere to 9k and began resurfacing to the 8K range before the pic’s previews last Thursday.

The feature theatrical bow of comedienne Amy Schumer as both headliner and screenwriter comes hot off her earning seven Emmy noms on Thursday for her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer. She has put herself and her cast front and center for the promotion of the film: During the month of June, they hit six cities with the Trainwreck Comedy Tour. While Schumer’s Star Wars theme magazine cover for GQ created a lot of buzz online, the social media universe for the film stands at 101.M inclusive of 65.7M on Facebook and 33.6M on Twitter per RelishMix. #Trainwreck Twitter hashtags hovered around 1,000 all week and swung up to 5k by last Thursday. Trainwreck got some tubthumping from castmember, WWE wrestler John Cena who counts 37M FB fans and 7M Twitter followers, Cleveland Cavaliers NBA star LeBron James’ 21M FB and 22M Twitter, Schumer’s 1.4M Twitter fans and 851K FB fans, as well as Apatow’s 1.24M Twitter followers. Schumer has been generously re-tweeting her fans’ reactions to Trainwreck throughout the weekend. Here’s what Jessica Alba posted:


‘Inside Out’ Steals No. 1 From Dinos At July 4th B.O., ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Pops Viagra

Despite hanging on to the top two B.O. spots, Jurassic World and Inside Out are seeing declines in their social media reach according to RelishMix. JW’s footprint across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter has fallen in the past week to 6M from 13M during its second week. Inside Out declined to 5.9M this week from 9.8M during the week ending June 27.


Terminator Genisys has a number of sensible factors which should be working in its favor at the B.O. The film’s primary elements make sense: It returns Schwarzenegger to the franchise. It has a hot director in Game of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World’s Alan Taylor. It stars two hot burgeoning headliners, Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke and Divergent’s Jai Courtney.

Furthermore, Paramount didn’t hold back in promoting Terminator Genisys. The film was always primed to be their July 4 juggernaut. They hit guys heavily with spots during NBA basketball games, UFC fights and across network and cable programming. Paramount bought a spot during the Super Bowl’s second quarter earlier this year, an event which drew a historic 114.5M viewers. Recently, Par even created a spot geared toward women which ran during The Bachelorette. Schwarzenegger, as is his style, was front and center for all press ops, appearing in episodic videos that rolled out to a 25M+ subscriber base on YouTube.

To date, these vids have accumulated 8M views. Facebook trailers, clips and spots hit 54M views. Schwarzenegger starred in a prank video for charity, where in partnership with Omaze, he surprised fans in Hollywood, churning out 21M YouTube views. There was a Snapchat filter allowing anyone to become a Terminator.

In addition, there was the Waze integration traffic/navigation app which allowed fans to hear the Terminator shouting out driving directions. That app hit 675K downloads. These initiatives moved the meter on Terminator Genisys’ tracking with upticks in the overall audience’s First Choice from 7% on June 10 to 14% on July 1 (still not as high as the 25% that JW was showing days before its release).


Despite all of the above, audiences are showing they’re not aggressively buying into the current Terminator iteration. It’s similar to what we saw with Ted 2 last weekend. Terminator Genisys‘ fizzle will surely impact how the studio and co-financier Skydance approach the next sequels which are scheduled for May 19, 2017 and June 29, 2018. Paramount knows a July 4th hit when they have one: They’ve blown the roof off of multiplexes during previous Independence Day frames with Transformer titles and even prior to those, War of the Worlds. This year, it’s just not the studio’s holiday.

Among July releases, Magic Mike XXL is showing the second highest social media universe count with 145M behind Minions’ 592M. Terminator Genisys isn’t far behind in third with 139M according to RelishMix. Channing Tatum is the lynchpin to Magic Mike XXL‘s solid social media push counting 17M Facebook fans, 7.2M Twitter followers and 5.8M Instagram devotees. Tatum’s Facebook has hit 32M trailer views over four months per RelishMix. Vanity Fair’s Tatum dance video drew 2M+ views alone. Other castmembers chatting about the movie to their fans were Gabriel Iglesias (7.5M Facebook fans), Jada Pinkett Smith ( 7.2M on FB) and Elizabeth Banks (1.8M Twitter followers).