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Crazed Clown Cashes In, Smashes Sept., Genre Records As Stephen King’s ‘It’ Pulls In $123M+ Opening

This box office record breaker from New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. experienced a social media surge on Friday and Saturday, surpassing the kind of activity that Marvel and DC superhero franchises regularly enjoy, RelishMix says. YouTube views have grown by over 16.4M to 266.6M and the official It movie Facebook page (which added 6.7K new fans 2-days ago) is now popping six-fold to 41K yesterday and now 1.2M total.

Even It creator’s Stephen King’s FB page added another 100,000 fans over the week up to 5.1M fans, and Stranger Thing’s star Finn Wolfhard’s Instagram page added 37,500 fans up to 1.4M total. Also, Twitter hashtags for IT and ITmovie are now at 94K just in one day.

It is also doing far and above the normal social media activity for the horror genre with a social media universe (SMU) totaling 273.2M breaking out as 35.5M Facebook fans, 7.9M Twitter followers, 225.5M YouTube views and 4.1M Instagram followers, according to RelishMix. The typical horror film has only a 61.2M SMU by opening week and Ithas over 273M.

Most of the audience came after watching the trailer on YouTube, so let’s look, specifically, at YouTube.

It‘s YouTube views are racking up over 97K daily when the typical horror film’s daily views is usually 32K. What’s impressive about this Andy Muschietti (Mama) directed film is that it’s achieving this activity with a cast is dominated by child actors and a non-social star (Bill Skarsgard). In fact, horror author Stephen King alone is driving the activity.