Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

RelishMix observes that fans are going wild on social as they leave the theater. “While YouTube views have added another 22M views in the last 48 hours, the most striking metric with Last Jedi is its Twitter hashtags, for #StarWars, #LastJedi, #TheLastJedi and @StarWars, hit an earth-shattering 438K individual user tags and posts on Friday. That’s more than twice the hash-tagging single day activity of any film over the last five years, including Avengers, Fast and Furious, Despicable Me, Beauty and the Beast, Spider-Man, Batman or even The Force Awakens.”


Remarking on how Disney integrates its promotional partners with its Last Jedi marketing, social media monitor RelishMix says, “the film’s campaign is powered by Disney’s exceptional social reach, and allows them to share social materials with hundreds of millions of followers consistently throughout the year.”The Nissan clip which advertises their new technology with a driver who looks like Rey and passenger who appears as Luke as clocked in 3.4M views. Last Jedi‘s social media universe across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube views and Twitter is weighed at 820.5M, and that doesn’t include any materials from previous Star Wars movies. Through Last Jedi files behind Spider-Man: Homecoming (860M SMU) and Thor: Ragnarok‘s (858M SMU) level by opening, Relish Mix expects “Jedi’s growth rate to exceed both of those titles.” Viral rate for passing around videos is quite high at 57:1 while the average event film is around 20:1. Ridley is mostly unplugged from social with the exception of her official FB which has 902K followers, but Hamill has been a big tubthumper to his 5M across FB, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Boyega to his 2.9M.


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Disaster Artist


Word of mouth has been very hot for the film with its social media universe across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube up close to 10% in the last week per social media entertainment monitor RelishMix. They also report that YouTube views are attracting 2-3K fans per day on the pic’s official Facebook, now at 100K “which is good for a limited release.” Additionally, the cast’s 112M social reach from James Franco, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Zoey Deutch and Seth Rogan is connecting fans with and the boldest Twitter hashtags for #TheDistasterArtist and the tag for @DisasterArtist.

A24 kicked off their campaign for Disaster Artist back in July with a teaser trailer that featured one of the pic’s most iconic scenes: Franco as Wiseau weathering several takes to say one line. According to RelishMix, YouTube views for The Disaster Artist are quite meaty attracting in total from posted and viral videos 69.1M YouTube views from its July teaser, theatrical trailer and all subsequent spots. Interactive standees also went up in theater lobbies over the summer whereby moviegoers could take selfies with Franco’s Wiseau.



RelishMix points out “part of the magic of The Mouse is when a film like Coco or next month’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts a trailer or any other social materials: A film has 156.8M fans and followers to reach right out of the gate.” Roughly broken down such Disney pages/feeds pushing Coco include the main Disney portal (69.3M), Walt Disney Animation Studios (17.7M) and Walt Disney Studios (42.4M). RelishMix weighs Coco‘s social media universe across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube views at close to 483M, which is “well ahead of the family animated genre average SMU of 253.4M”. The teaser trailer for Coco debuted in March and played on the biggest film of the year, Beauty and the Beast, with the first full trailer dropping in June in connection with Cars 3. 


Justice League


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Thor: Ragnarok

RelishMix weighs Ragnarok‘s social media universe at 858M across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more analysis as to why Ragnarok worked this weekend, scroll down to our previous update. Ragnarok online videos went viral at a rate of 41:1 which is just above the average superhero movie’s viral rate of 39:1. Social activity for Ragnarok has been consistently healthy since the sneak peek that dropped last August. The Ragnarok cast has been fully activated on social. The combined social reach of Marvel – from its established Marvel pages and feeds and the newer Marvel Studios – is a combined 58.1M, and, in addition to this immense social footprint, Disney and Walt Disney Studios are both supporting Ragnarok. Their combined SMU is a colossal 109.1M, led by Disney’s FB page with 51M fans alone. So, when the Ragnarok trailer dropped, even without counting the film’s official pages/feeds, Marvel had over 167M followers within its reach immediately, a number any studio would envy.



Boo2! Madea

RelishMix confirms this in the online chatter on Twitter and Facebook, stating, “Convo for Geostorm is decidedly mixed, tilting negative. Most moviegoers who took the time to comment compare the movie to other disaster films like Armageddon and Day After Tomorrow — even Independence Day.”

Happy Death Day

The cast and filmmakers participated in the opening night festivities of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, where The Horrors of Blumhouse featured a Happy Death Day-themed maze with the killer from the film. Social media monitor RelishMix was over the moon about the stunt: “Universal tagged alongside 13 Reasons Why star, Dylan Minnette as he went through the maze. This is a great and unique tactic, to use a star who isn’t even in the film and target his fans, many of whom saw him in 13 Reasons, among other works.” In addition, RelishMix noticed heading into the weekend that positive word-of-mouth outweighed the negative: “Fans looking forward to Happy Death Day describe it as a combination of Groundhog Day and Scream. Movie-goers understand that this isn’t meant to be the scariest movie in the world, but the re-occurring day plot seems to have fans excited.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi TRAILER

RelishMix reports that YouTube views for The Last Jedi are at 24M-plus over past two days and that they’re outpacing 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens over same period with 21.8M, Spider-Man Homecoming at 17.5M, and Jurassic World‘s 13.1M.

“What’s most impressive,” RelishMix added, “is that the Earned Owner Ratio of reposting (the viral rate) on YouTube for the trailer, just since Monday, is 49:1 with 6.3M views. And adding to that are review and reaction videos, which are another 58:1 with 2.6M views, bringing the total EOR to 107:1 for all earned reposts. By comparison, the EOR for Spider-Man Homecoming was 66:1, Captain America: Civil War was a total 50:1 and Jurassic World 37:1. Obviously, on social, studios can boost engagement and views to give a spot a kick-start, but when fans repost at this rate, which is fully organic in reaction, that answers the distributor’s questions of audience intent.”

Blade Runner 2049

Social media monitor Relish Mix sees a further sobering reality of what people actually thought about Blade Runner 2049. As of Saturday, RelishMix reports, “Convo swirls as fans argue over the ending and drop spoilers and plot points that are flying across social channels. Many comments relate to the film’s long length, the need to see the original before seeing Blade Runner 2049.” On Twitter, the combination of hashtags for #BladeRunner2049 and #BladeRunner have grown from 21K on Wednesday to 35K on Friday, which is good, yet behind for the genre, per RelishMix. Jared Leto is the biggest social star for the film, counting 20.2M across his social channels, and he even popped by the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood to delight fans on opening night. Blade Runner 2049 star Ryan Gosling only counts 2.3M on Twitter. Nonetheless, he’s been promoting the film.


RelishMix noticed the positive word of mouth on social media ahead of opening: “From the trailers, fans are impressed by the music, action and cinematography. Most of the excitement comes from fans of the original who can’t wait to see this team back on screen. There is also interest expressed for a sophisticated R-rated comic book film like this one…The main curiosity in the convo surrounds Colin Firth and how his return will be explained.”