Disaster Artist

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Disaster Artist


Word of mouth has been very hot for the film with its social media universe across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube up close to 10% in the last week per social media entertainment monitor RelishMix. They also report that YouTube views are attracting 2-3K fans per day on the pic’s official Facebook, now at 100K “which is good for a limited release.” Additionally, the cast’s 112M social reach from James Franco, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Zoey Deutch and Seth Rogan is connecting fans with and the boldest Twitter hashtags for #TheDistasterArtist and the tag for @DisasterArtist.

A24 kicked off their campaign for Disaster Artist back in July with a teaser trailer that featured one of the pic’s most iconic scenes: Franco as Wiseau weathering several takes to say one line. According to RelishMix, YouTube views for The Disaster Artist are quite meaty attracting in total from posted and viral videos 69.1M YouTube views from its July teaser, theatrical trailer and all subsequent spots. Interactive standees also went up in theater lobbies over the summer whereby moviegoers could take selfies with Franco’s Wiseau.

FULL STORY: http://deadline.com/2017/12/the-disaster-artist-james-franco-seth-rogen-box-office-breakout-1202222781/

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