Gone Girl, Dracula Untold, Alexander, The Judge

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

RelishMIXdec10Gone Girl’s SMU engagement and buzz continues to build over the week, driven most heavily on Facebook by Tyler Perry and Ben Affleck. Annabelle top trailer are holding very strong with over 220k views per day in week 2.
Of the 4 new entries, Dracula Untold has clearly clocked the most YT views at 25 million factored into the (SMU) social media universe of 36.2 million engagement across all Facebook and Twitter feeds.
Dracula also tops earned/owned ratio of 14 to 1 repost on YouTube videos beating Alexander with 12 to 1 with 14 million views followed by The Judge at 8 to 1 with 4.9 million views and Addicted at 6 to 1 and 4.8 million views. Dracula also takes the win with international views as expected.
Notably, there’s a very hot Spanish version spot for Alexander that’s consistently clocking over 310k views per day which is very high for a family film.
As far as the social stars this week, Robbert Downey Jr is his own social marketing network for The Judge, flexing his FB muscle of 21 million fans and 2.7 million on TW every step of the way of his promo tour.


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