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Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

RelishMIX Movie Reporting

Every week, RelishMIX analyzes the social reach and activity of every domestic wide-release movie across all major social-media platforms. With thousands of titles in our database, plus Oscar contenders, and our proven proprietary algorithms, we can compare, contextualize and analyze your projects — with historic comps in relation to your upcoming release dates.  

We analyze every movie, so we can answer the most critical questions, especially when you need to make vital course-corrections and adjustments in your marketing or franchise growth plans — at any point in the production cycle. 

S/W/O/T Deep-Dive Reports + Tactical Reports

Whether you’re a Marketer, Producer, Studio Exec or Social Producer, RelishMIX S/W/O/T Reports tell you:  

  Where your fans are connected across social/digital
  Where you can build awareness to your current strategy (room for improvement)
  What your fans are saying 
  Exactly where to make adjustments to improve box-office and VOD
  How can you optimize your messaging across digital, social and mobile
  Where you could re-target and reallocate

RelishMIX Full Deep-Dive Drill Down S/W/O/T Reports are proven. 

  Here are a few analytic excerpts that we release in the news
  Here are examples of our work  

Movie D/O/T/S Dynamic Online Tracking System

Tracking questions that D/O/T/S answer:

    •   How well are we tracking on social, months before release?
    •   How do we compare by genre?
    •   How do we compare by release date?
    •   Are we on track or can we exceed expectations?

D/O/T/S tells you:

    •  The size of your social media universe (SMU) by platform
    •  Which social platform is driving the most engagement (for media buys)
    •  That materials are most notable: owned and earned, by platform (for creative course-correction)
    •  How well activated your cast is – especially compared to other films
    •  Conversation Analysis: What fans are saying (for targeting)

RelishMIX Movie Report Formats:

S/W/O/T Reports: Full Deep-Dive Drill-Down Reports (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Tactical Reports: Top-Line Tactical Action Items including overview report stats (growth, KPI’s, comps)

D/O/T/S Reports: (Dynamic Online Tracking System): Tracking for the Next Generation, by studio or for all releases

Impact Reports: Super Bowl, Comic-Con, Oscars, Trailer Drops

Genre Comparative Reports for: Drama, Comedy, Superhero, Sci-Fi, Horror or custom comps 

Reporting cadence:

  Pre-Production Reports (1-4 reports)
  Marketing  Reports (4-10 reports)
  SVOD/EST/Streaming Reports (2-4 reports)
  Overall Reporting (from pre-pro to streaming) 

Who uses RelishMIX Movie Reports and Tracking:

  Studio Executives
  Marketing Executives
  Executive Producers / Production Companies
  Writers / Storytellers
  Greenlight Teams

  Digital/Social Teams
  Research Departments
  Brand Integration Teams

Contact us and we’ll walk you though our simple, proven-process.

All Data Insights Collected Using RelishMIX Proprietary Technology