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Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

December 20, 2018

RelishMix noticed how bright Bumblebee was on social media earlier this week, reporting, “The superfans seem to agree that Bumblebee is the Transformers movie they’ve been waiting and yearning for, which means a more authentic look at some of their favorite characters and dosing down of the super-action in previous, Michael Bay-directed chapters. Fans are also happy to see both Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena involved, as both lend their own unique personalities to their roles. And, for those who have already seen it, they are singing the project’s praises, saying true Transformers fans won’t be disappointed.”

RelishMix noticed mixed reactions to Poppins in social media chatter, though leaning positive ahead of Wednesday’s opening. “Disney fans are claiming that they were either all-in from the beginning announcement of the project, or as they saw the campaign unfold. In other words, the addition of Emily Blunt as the title character, Lin-Manuel Miranda as her partner-in-crime and musical performance partner, and Meryl Streep as a scene stealing co-star, made a great recipe for family fun over Christmas.  It’s also worth mentioning that the 2D animation is credited with a sizable amount of positive discussion, as in, some fans wish Disney would do more in this format, particularly original projects.”

Meanwhile the naysayers on social, per RelishMix, griped, “‘How many re-makes and sequels is Disney putting out?’ Dumbo is often mentioned as the next iteration of ‘rehashing’ an old Disney property, and Poppins is mixed-in with the feeling that this contingent prefers new, original movies. It’s also worth noting that some moviegoers aren’t buying Blunt and Miranda in the sequel. Others are curious as to why Dick Van Dyke makes an appearance, but Julie Andrews does not.”

That said, RelishMix says, “The Poppins character is a pretty huge, iconic performance, which yielded Julie Andrews an Oscar for best actress. So, stepping into these shoes, particularly so many years after the original film was in theaters, is an immense challenge. To that end, the campaign has done a phenomenal job having Blunt share her experience of playing the Poppins role on the talk show circuit (i.e. Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Show).”

RelishMix says that Poppins’ 229.4M social media universe across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube views is ahead of the average live action family musical’s 189M. However, Poppins was behind on key social metrics ahead of its Wednesday debut, with a video viral rate of 21:1, down from the live action family movie’s 38:1 average. Also, average daily new Facebook Fans hover around 1.3K, far short of the typical 7.4K. Finally, the movie is pacing with 8.6K average daily YouTube views for the top clips, shy of the genre’s usual 27.6K views.

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