Jukin Media

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

Jukin Video is a premiere UGC viral video network of YouTube channels made of extreme sports videos fails, bloopers and outrageously funny videos from around-the-world. Jukin has created a variety of UGC and original content channels including JukinVideoTV, Fail Army, Stoked Video, Stop Being Awsome, Cuties N Fuzzies, Rednecks Roundup, Bad Ads and more.

RelishMIX worked with the Jukin team to develop content strategies, ad platform strategies, social integration systems, branding solutions and distribution strategies for YouTube networks and the JukinVideo.com website. Additionally, Jukin’s digital & social network was built using RelishMIX proprietary content management system. Current top channel Fail Army now has over 10M subscribers https://www.youtube.com/user/failarmy