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Oscars 2015


EXCERPTS: One of the Oscar sideshows these days is which film reaps the biggest buzz on social media from their haul of nominations. The big winner, by far, was American Sniper, which added 17.9 million mentions on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube during the final voting, according to social media consultancyRelishMix.

No. 2 on the list, and a long way back, was Boyhood, Richard Linklater‘s 12-years-in-the-making family story that has been one of the favorites to win the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday. At 3.9 million new social-media mentions, it snagged less than a quarter of the social boost that came to Clint Eastwood‘s Sniper. No. 3 was the other Oscar favorite, Birdman, with nearly 3.2 million new mentions.
RelishMix CEO Marc Karzen said the social-media heat certainly translated to more box office for American Sniper, which has become an unlikely No. 5 on Warner Bros. all-time domestic box office list.
“From the Oscar nominations on Jan. 15 up to the end of voting on Feb. 17, fans jumped on the American Sniper train, which translates to box office as clear as day,” Karzen said.
It’s important to remember that Sniper and Warner Bros. likely benefitted in this particular competition as the only film that went wide during the voting period (Selma went wide the weekend before the announcement). Most of the rest of the Best Picture nominees had been in theaters in wide release for weeks or months. In Boyhood’s case, for instance, the film has been in theaters since July, and getting lots of additional social-media heat might be a little more challenging..