Social Stars 2018

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment


EXCLUSIVE: It’s been two years since we looked at the social media star power ranking in Hollywood and some things have really changed since then. In 2016, there were four men in the Top 10, but starting off 2018 there are now only two. And we are seeing a major boost in the last year — with nine of the Top Ten social media stars all adding over 25M fans each across the big three platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Why is this happening? Well, in the last two years, the most fan and star-friendly platform has become Instagram with half of the top 25 with over 40M followers now on that platform. As marketers know, social media can have a major impact in helping to promote television shows and films by having these social media stars engage directly with their fans. It is not unusual now for fans to learn of news first for their favorite movies or television shows before the media gets a whiff of it.

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