TRACKING: A Quiet Place

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

Overall, the convo surrounding A Quiet Place is very positive.  Many Fans are praising the plot, which is leading to speculation about potential twists and turns.   The film is even reaching Fans who are not typical horror Fans, much like last year’s It and Split were able to.  Many social moviegoers have jumped to the comment threads to discuss Friday night plans and have expressed how intrigued they are with the cast.  Touching on the originality of the plot, the birth scene in particular seems to be a source of much chatter as Fans are curious about how it will take place.

This essentially silent horror film is made up of 12.6M Facebook Fans, 25.3M Facebook Video Views, 6.8M Twitter Followers, 52.4M YouTube Views and 2M Instagram Followers and Twitter hashtags and tags building for #AQuietPlace and @QuietPlaceMovie at 11k per day and 40k over the last month, topping all openers.

Key social metrics are also strong for Quiet Place, starting with daily Facebook likes.  The film is earning 6.3K new Fans, which outperforms the genre average of 3.3K daily likes.  The EOR (viral rate) of 21:1 also tracks hot over the genre standard of 13:1.

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