TACTICS:  Beauty And The Beast

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

RelishMix reports that Beauty and the Beast‘s social media universe is north of 590M across Twitter, FB, Instagram and YouTube views. Compared to last year’s average SMU for a family/live-action film, Beauty dwarfs last year’s 263M.  Last year’s average viral rate for a film trailer was around 9:1, Beauty is a mindblowing 52:1.  The average family/live-action daily views are around 50K a day, while the Beast is raking in 223K a day.

Also, it’s not just Emma Watson promoting Beauty and the Beast to her massive 84M-plus followers on social, but Ariana Grande too to her 174M, as she sings the movie’s title song with John Legend.


A third of all moviegoers called out Emma Watson as the prime reason for attending. RelishMix reports that Watson is the film’s biggest social media activator in the cast with more than 83M followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and she’s continually sharing materials. Ariana Grande, who sings the title song with John Legend, is also spreading Beauty to her 174M social media fans.

Adds RelishMix: #BeautyAndTheBeast, #BeOurGuest, #EmmaWatsonReminder and #Disney continue to intensify, with hashtag activity of unique posts on Twitter and Instagram reaching 285K over the past four weeks and daily posts climbing from 4K, to 9K, to more than 18K per day passing 31K from Thursday previews. They’ve now calmed to a massive 20K. Re-tweets are at 579K and sliced 73% female-26% male, while 67.2% of the hashtags are from Twitter and 32.8% are from Instagram. One of the most popular hashtags behind the movie’s tag is #EmmaWatsonReminder, which enlists the help of Watson herself in reminding Twitter and Instagram users to go see Beast today.

FULL STORY: http://deadline.com/2017/03/beauty-and-the-beast-weekend-box-office-selling-out-1202045224/