TRACKING: Black Panther

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

Black Panther‘s rays continue to shine brightly on social media as people leave the auditorium: The pic’s social media universe across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube has jumped from 901M last weekend to 981M within five days per RelishMix. Last Thursday, daily YouTube views for the Ryan Coogler-directed movie were at 390K and they’ve now spiked to 575K daily views per day for each top video. After the record-breaking Twitter surge from 137k to 559k hashtags for #BlackPanther and @BlackPanthermovie last Friday, you’d expect to see a rapid taper during the week. But that’s not the case: While Saturday saw a total of 543K, that eased to 480K on Monday, and a daily 352K. “Remember activity over 100k is exceptional,” says RelishMix.

Black Panther has an exceptional Social Media Universe of 900.8M, which has been building consistently and furiously over the last month.  This latest MCU film’s SMU is a combination of  of 155.5M Facebook Fans, M Facebook videos, 23.8M Twitter Followers, 338.7M YouTube views per day with the top Kendrick Lamar videos at over 1M views per day. There are also 53.2M Instagram Followers while Twitter hashtags for #BlackPanther have been pegged at 50k per day over the last 2 weeks and just popped to over 100k per day which is strong.

For context, consider Thor: Ragnarok had an SMU of 858M by its opening week.  And, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 from last May had a 792M SMU.  So, keeping in mind even its unusual, February release, Black Panther is very strong among other recent Marvel titles, socially speaking.

Looking at key social metrics, Black Panther is mixed as the film’s 21:1 EOR (viral rate) is behind the usual superhero film’s 43:1.  Also, Panther is earning 6K daily FB likes compared to the standard 11K.  But, as mentioned, its SMU is definitely in keeping with the steady climb of Marvel films’ increasing SMU.  And, the movie is earning about 390K daily YouTube views, which is immense.  It’s also worth mentioning that the film’s views on YouTube (339M) is nearly matched by those on Facebook (330M).