TRACKING: Captain Marvel

Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

Social Media pulse-meister RelishMix spots that most of the chatter on Captain Marvel leans positive. “Plenty of Marvel Fans are going to see the film this weekend, even if they count themselves frustrated with the tone of the movie, its spoilers for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame next month, or Larson’s political views and opinions. Some MCU Fans are chiming in on the joke about Larson’s comments related to the critical environment, asking with a laugh, ‘I”m a white dude who’s over 40 – am I still invited?’. For Fans of the MCU and comic book movies generally who have seen it, they enjoyed it. Convo for this film is reminiscent of the Thor sequels and Ant-Man and the Wasp, in that fans and casual moviegoers alike who have actually seen it convey a sentiment that suggests, ‘It’s not the best in the series – it’s surely no Panther – but it’s good.”