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Detroit has a good Social Media Universe of 58.5M.  This period piece focusing on the Detroit riots of July, 1967 is made up of 18.8M Facebook Fans,  16.4M Twitter Followers, 9.4M YouTube views and 13.9M Instagram Followers.

This Kathryn Bigelow directed drama is similar to Atomic Blonde in that its metrics are mixed.  Detroit is almost even with the Drama genre’s average of 68M, currently at 58.5, remember this Detroit SMU (social media universe).  This film has a 20:1 EOR (earned, owned ratio of reposted videos on YouTube), while your usual Drama only a 7:1, and that’s strong.

The cast of Detroit is one of the film’s strengths, at least in promoting the film and spreading a massive amount of PR materials online.  However, outside of Jacob Latimore, John Boyega and Leon Thomas, the rest of the cast …