TACTICS:  Fate Of The Furious

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Universal’s final figures for F. Gary Gray’s The Fate of the Furious. $532M worldwide debut, whipping Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ $529M. Broken out that’s $433.2M abroad, beating Jurassic World‘s $316.7M previous foreign record launch, and $98.8M. Thanks to Fate, Uni speeds past the billion mark at the international B.O., making it the second studio to reach that milestone in 2017. That’s 11 years in a row for Uni grossing $1 billion abroad, and it’s the second fastest in regards to getting there after 2015.

Broken franchise? Time to call it quits? Don’t think so, but again, the decline stateside just means that Uni has to worker harder to up the stakes part Fast and Furious 9. At $98.8M, it’s still the second best for the series after Furious 7‘s $147.1M, and the best opening for director Gray, star Charlize Theron and second best domestic opening for Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

If there’s any wonder why F8 is so big around the globe, it’s because Uni just crushed it in the social media aspect. Relish Mix ranks the top film franchises by social media universe size:


When it comes to social media, Universal, arguably more than any other studio, knows how to reach target demos on social media, and keep their interest: The Fast and the Furious series counts the largest social media universe of any film property with 2.18 billion according to Relish Mix across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Despicable Me 3 ranks third so far this year with 1.38B. Star Wars, which is holding its annual Star Wars Celebration fan convention currently, hasn’t even cracked a billion in its SMU which currently counts 967M.

Furthermore, Uni is blessed with one of the most vibrant and hardest-working social casts any major studio could wish for: Between Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris and Jason Statham, the F8 cast reaches 412.8M people on social.  Statham’s Instagram is adding 51K a day up to 10.6M total, Charlize Theron’s IG is adding 16k daily, and F8 newcomer Scott Eastwood is adding 8K per day. The Rock’s IG is clocking 152K new followers a day up to 83M total and Vin Diesel is also ticking 152K new IG followers daily, now totaling 35.9M. The official Fast & Furious Facebook page has been adding 40-50k new fans a day and is now well past 60M fans total. Hashtags #FastandFurious, #F8, #Fast8 are doubling daily activity from 5k, to 10k, to 20K following Thursday night previews and climbing.

Taking a page from the Cubby Broccoli textbook on brand partners, Castrol, one of the F8 promo partners, dropped a boosted social spot now with 1.1M views a day and 20.7M total featuring Rodriguez for EDGE Titanium Ice:

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