Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

RelishMix observes that fans are going wild on social as they leave the theater. “While YouTube views have added another 22M views in the last 48 hours, the most striking metric with Last Jedi is its Twitter hashtags, for #StarWars, #LastJedi, #TheLastJedi and @StarWars, hit an earth-shattering 438K individual user tags and posts on Friday. That’s more than twice the hash-tagging single day activity of any film over the last five years, including Avengers, Fast and Furious, Despicable Me, Beauty and the Beast, Spider-Man, Batman or even The Force Awakens.”


Remarking on how Disney integrates its promotional partners with its Last Jedi marketing, social media monitor RelishMix says, “the film’s campaign is powered by Disney’s exceptional social reach, and allows them to share social materials with hundreds of millions of followers consistently throughout the year.”The Nissan clip which advertises their new technology with a driver who looks like Rey and passenger who appears as Luke as clocked in 3.4M views. Last Jedi‘s social media universe across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube views and Twitter is weighed at 820.5M, and that doesn’t include any materials from previous Star Wars movies. Through Last Jedi files behind Spider-Man: Homecoming (860M SMU) and Thor: Ragnarok‘s (858M SMU) level by opening, Relish Mix expects “Jedi’s growth rate to exceed both of those titles.” Viral rate for passing around videos is quite high at 57:1 while the average event film is around 20:1. Ridley is mostly unplugged from social with the exception of her official FB which has 902K followers, but Hamill has been a big tubthumper to his 5M across FB, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Boyega to his 2.9M.


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