Social Media Tracking + Tactics for Entertainment

RelishMix Television Reporting

RelishMix continuously tracks the social awareness and activity around broadcast, cable and streaming television series across major social-media platforms.  With thousands of titles in our system, we can answer the critical questions affecting your television show including:

    •   What’s driving awareness and engagement for my show
    •   Where there’s room for improvement
    •   How can we adjust our strategy to save our show from cancellation

The RelishMix principals have vast experience in broadcast, cable, digital, development, production and creative marketing. That broad experience backs our proven technology that delivers the tactics, that you as a decision maker, need to optimize your social strategy.

Television Tactical S/W/O/T Reports

Whether you’re a marketer, social producer, show-runner or you’re on the brand-team, in one straightforward document, RelishMix S/W/O/T Reports tell you:

    •   Where your fans are connected
    •   Where you can build MUCH more awareness for your show
    •   What creative materials and messages are driving the MOST engagement to lift ratings
    •   How to adjust all feeds on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and mobile
    •   What fans are saying about your show
    •   How you can course correct 

RelishMix can work with your team at any point in your production cycle, on any screen —  for shows in development, about to premiere, in need of a mid-season lift or you have a returning series looking to drive sampling.  

RelishMix S/W/O/T Reports are proven:

    •   Here are excerpts of some of the analysis that we release in the news
    •   Here are a few examples of our work
    •   Contact us to see reports in person

TV D/O/T/S  ///  Dynamic Online Tracking System

Key Questions:

    •  How well are we tracking on social, months before premiere, in-season and off-season?
    •  How do we compare by genre?
    •  How do we compare by night and time-slot?
    •  How can we adjust our strategy to save shows on the bubble?

Our D/O/T/S Dynamic Online Tracking System tells you:

    •  The size of your social media universe (SMU) by platform
    •  Which social platform is driving the most engagement (for media buys)
    •  That materials are most notable; owned and earned, by platform (for course-correction)
    •  How well activated your cast is, especially compared to other shows
    •  Conversation Analysis: What fans are actually saying

Television Reporting Formats

Tactical S/W/O/T Reports: (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) delivering tactical insights grouped by show, genre, time-slot or network:

    • Pre-Production S/W/O/T Reports
    • Marketing S/W/O/T Reports
    • SVOD/Streaming S/W/O/T Reports

D/O/T/S Reports: (Dynamic Online Tracking System): Ratings for the Next Generation

Genre Comparative Reports: for Drama, Comedy, Reality, Competition

Network Reports: for Broadcast, Cable, Streaming
          • Pre-Production D/O/T/S Reports by show
          • D/O/T/S Tracking Reports (social ratings) for grids
          • Marketing Tactical S/W/O/T Reports by show or by night
          • Network Growth Strategy

Impact Reports: Premieres, Episodes, Sweeps, more…

Who uses RelishMIX TV/Streaming Reports and Tracking
          • Marketing Executives
          • Digital/Social Teams
          • Show Runners
          • Production Companies
          • Programming Executives
          • Content Acquisition Teams
          • Research Departments
          • Development Executives

All Data Insights Collected Using RelishMix Proprietary Technology